The Boston Beer Co. Tour: A Tale of Woe

Sam Adams Brewery
Sam Adams Brewery - From the Outside

This week I traveled to Boston for work.

I arrived late Wednesday night, and visited with our customer on Thursday.  By 3 PM, the client I was meeting with had another meeting, so we decided to call it a day.  I had expressed some interest in visiting the Boston Beer Co., so he suggested I should check it out.

After quickly stopping by my hotel room to change and look up the brewery address, I took off at about 3:15 PM.  As a bit of foreshadowing, when I was leaving my hotel room, I talked myself out of calling and asking when the tours were conducted.  I had my eyes on the prize and nothing could stop me now.

The trip from the north side of Boston was fairly quick; I only ran into traffic in one of the tunnels, and I made it to the brewery by about 4:15 PM.  The brewery is located in a residential area, with no other businesses around.  I pulled in and parked my rental car, walked to the tour area, only to find the tours stopped and gift shop closed at 3:00.  That’s 3 o’clock in the afternoon.  A bit confused, I looked around for another way in, but there was nothing I could do.

It was sad.  From outside the brewery walls, I could smell the hops and feel beer being made, but I could neither see nor taste the gloriousness within the walls.  Before I left, I took a quick photo for posterity (above), “hopped” in my car and left…

… but not all was lost.  I drove straight from the brewery to another brewery, the Beer Works in Lowell, which was only a couple miles from my hotel.  As soon as I walked in, I knew I would enjoy myself because the server told me they didn’t sell any commercial beer or hard liquor, just their own beers and some wine.  There I had some dinner, enjoyed several of the craft beers, and met some great folks who lived in the building up the block.

Just to give you an idea how long I was there, one of the guys I was hanging out with closed his tab, went home, then came back later because “it was boring at home”.  That’s my kind of guy.

So, to the fellas I hung out with last night, next time I’m in north Boston, I’ll look you up.  And to the Boston Beer Co., really?  3 PM?

Millstream to Begin Brewing High Proof Beer

Just found out from The Full Pint that Millstream Brewing will be brewing their first high proof beer (thanks to SF 2088) next week.  According to the website, it will be a 8% Weizenbock (a dark wheat beer). They mentioned most will be kegged, but also left open the possibility that a limited quantity of 22 oz. bombers will be available.  They anticipate it should be done sometime in June.

Also mentioned was that Millstream hopes to bring out 4 different high proof beers this year, and will allow customers to choose which one will go into regular production.

Boulevard Imperial Pilsner

Boulevard Imperial Pilsner
Boulevard Imperial Pilsner

Over the weekend, I had the chance to try one of Boulevard’s newest offering, the collaboration with Orval’s Brewmaster, Jean Marie Rock.

It was very clear and had a light, fluffy head.  It was a very smooth drinking beer.  Even though it was a pilsner, it was very caramely and sweet.  I have to admit, this was a deliciously simple beer.

Have you tried the Imperial Pilsner?  What did you think?

Boulevard Dark Truth Stout

Dark Truth Stout
Dark Truth Stout

Last night, I tried the Dark Truth Stout from Boulevard Brewing.

Because I like the other Boulevard Smokestack beers, I was excited to try this installment.

It poured night-black, and had a nice fluffy dark head, and had a sweet, cocoa-like aroma.

With the first taste, it had a lot of complexity, but I could make out chocolate, with a slight espresso taste.  The Belgian yeast also gave it a plum-like flavor. It was rich and velvety, and had a smooth mouthfeel.

Have you tried the Dark Truth Stout?  What did you think?