Today I Hate Squirrels

Today during lunch, I dug through my recently planted Cascade hops, and I had a disconcerting find.  One of my rhizomes was missing.  At first, I thought I may have missed it, so I dug through the soil again, and couldn’t find it.

At this point, I thought about when I had last checked the rhizomes.  It was Saturday evening, and everything was good.  With both of the rhizomes, I took a couple of the sprouts and placed them above ground to reach the sun, to hopefully kick-start the growth cycle.  Perhaps the birds thought it was a worm and grabbed it out of the ground.  Then I remembered the dreaded squirrels liked to dig through my soil, mentioned in my last hops growing article.

I searched the yard, about 10-15 feet from the bed, and found the rhizome.  It had been split in half and chewed, most likely by squirrels.  I was devastated.  I decided to first soak what was left of the rhizome in some water, then buried the halves in the soil.  To try and repel the squirrels, I spread black pepper and cayenne pepper over the beds.

So, let’s hope for the best so the rhizome will grow, and today I hate squirrels.

2 thoughts on “Today I Hate Squirrels

  1. Since I found the rhizome on the ground, I did order an additional rhizome from to replace the damaged one. I also purchased an organic mix called Squirrel-It-Away. When the new rhizome arrived, I planted it, but forgot to put down the squirrel repellent, and within 2 days they had dug the new rhizome out of the ground. Last night, I replanted it, along with sprinkling some of the Squirrel-It-Away on and around each bed. I’ll let you know how it works…

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