Iowa Senate Passes SF 2088 Overwhelmingly

I just learned tonight that the Iowa senate overwhelmingly (41-2) passed SF 2088, the government reorganization bill, a bill that includes a law that allows the definition of beer in Iowa to be raised from 5% ABW (about 6.25% ABV) to 12% ABW (about 15% ABV). This will give local Iowa Brewers, such as Millstream Brewing, Hub City Brewing, and Worth Brewing the ability to brew higher alcohol beers, such as dopplebocks and Belgian-style beers, without approval from the Iowa Alcoholic Berverages Division.  This will also give the responsibility of the distribution of higher alcohol beer to the local distributors instead of the Ankeny-based division of the government. It has now been messaged back to the Iowa House before being brought to governor Chet Culver, who has indicated his support.

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