Great River Brewery’s Aaaah BOCK

I just had the chance to sample Great River Brewery’s Aaaah BOCK at Old Capitol Brew Works in Iowa City.

I enjoy a bock very much, and I haven’t had one like this for some time, probably due to the fact they seem to be spring seasonal beers.  To compare, it is very similar in flavor to the Leinenkugel’s 1888 seasonal bock or Granite City’s Brother Benedict’s Bock, except it has a bit more body and stronger caramel and toffee notes that make it very enjoyable.  Unfortunately it won’t last long, so next time I need to bring in my growlers to take some home with me.

So, what’s your favorite spring beer?  Is it a bock, or something else?

2 thoughts on “Great River Brewery’s Aaaah BOCK

  1. I am really looking forward to the “Blessing of the Bock”. In the old days, when Old Capitol was the brewhouse, there was a huge ceremony, with folks dressed up, and the ceremonial tapping of the golden keg.

    Even a couple of years ago, the pub in Iowa City had a smaller ceremony and had a 12-can salute. They opened 12 cans in a row (even though it was a macro-lager that nobody drank). I look forward to whatever they have planned for this year.

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