Leinenkugel’s Spring Seasonal – Already

Leinenkugel's Spring Seasonal
Leinenkugel's Spring Seasonal

I was browsing the beer aisle the other day when I noticed something out of the ordinary – Leinenkugel’s was selling the spring seasonal.

The brewery just finished selling the stock of Fireside Nut Brown, and decided (on the last day of November) to start selling the spring seasonal.

The 1888 Bock is nice, but is it time to sell spring beers yet?  Probably not.

Did you see the Leinie’s spring seasonal being sold already?  What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Leinenkugel’s Spring Seasonal – Already

  1. I, too, noticed this at my local supermarket and think it’s very strange. I asked for the Winter Sampler as a Christmas gift, but when my wife went to purchase it yesterday (the first day of winter, no less), it was no longer available. We were told retailers are pulling it off shelves and replacing it with the Spring Sampler. If they must sell the Spring Sampler so early, why not also sell the Winter Sampler a while longer? It is December after all! I guess this simple beer drinker just doesn’t understand marketing. Cheers!

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