Samuel Adams Winter Classics Variety Pack

Samuel Adams Winter Classics
Samuel Adams Winter Classics

Note: this info is for the 2010 version of the Winter Classics pack. The 2011 pack is located here.

Now that the calendar has turned to November, many breweries are starting to release winter beers.  Maybe it’s just me, but letting go of the malty goodness of a fall beer and jumping into spicy winter beers makes me wish it was still fall.  Spiced beers have never been a favorite of mine (I’m looking at you, pumpkin ale), but luckily Samuel Adams hasn’t gone overboard with the spices in this year’s Winter Classics Variety Pack.

In the pack, there are 2 bottles each of:

  • Boston Lager
  • Holiday Porter
  • White Ale
  • Chocolate Bock
  • Winter Lager
  • Old Fezziwig Ale

Looking through the pack, the only one I would consider unpleasantly spiced would be Old Fezziwig Ale, but luckily, Samuel Adams has learned to turn down the spices a bit to make all of them drinkable.  I like the fact that the Chocolate Bock has been included, and the Cranberry Lambic has been removed.  It’s also good to see an appearance from the White Ale, since it’s no longer the Samuel Adams spring seasonal beer.

Have you tried the Winter Classics Variety Pack?  Which ones in the pack do you like?  Which ones don’t you like?

18 thoughts on “Samuel Adams Winter Classics Variety Pack

  1. I’ve been waiting half a season for this pack. I have to get it asap. Then I’ll give you my thoughts.

  2. pumkin ale was awesome. so glad lambic is removed. so crappy, i would always wait to drink that after i was already drunk. ha.

    gonna go to the distributor (PA) to look for this tonight to take to my aunts.

  3. Regardless if Noble Pils beat out White Ale for the spring seasonal, why don’t they have the white ale as a six-pack during the spring season along with the pils? White Ale is top 3 with boston lager and cherry wheat in this beer lovers opinion.

  4. I’m really itching to get my hands on some cream stout. I’m overdue. I don’t know why I haven’t seen it in my stores yet.

  5. I am also very happy cranberry lambic is gone. But I completely disagree about old Fezziwig ale. It is the best one in the pack! Wish they sold it by itself in 6 packs. Chocolate Bock is similiar to Guiness and tasty as well but Fezziwig is perfection!

  6. Good catch. I haven’t seen it lately either. It’s not seasonal, but it is one of my favorites. Nice and roasty with a smooth slightly sweet finish…

  7. Ah, you must like winter beers then? I am not a big fan of spiced beers, but can handle a few. Fezziwig has too many spices for my tastes, but I’m glad it’s part of the mix pack!

  8. I think this is one of the best variety packs I have had. The change from the awful cranberry lambic to the wonderful chocolate bock puts this variety over the top. With variety packs I usually suffer through the few dogs first and save the best for last. Well there no “dogs” of this variety pack although I did donate the boston lagers to my wife. The Fezziwig was a nice change, a little sweet but not too spiced. The chocolate bock was great, replacing the worst beer of the pack with the chocolate bock means I will be purchasing many more of these over the winter.

  9. Glad Cranberry Lambic is gone. I know of no one in my circle that cared for that beer. I suppose you like that beer if you enjoy drinking large quantities of Robitussin. Excited to try Noble Pils in the Spring pack. The winter variety pack certainly met my approval this year.

  10. Yep, everyone I knew usually either drank the Cranberry Lambic last, or didn’t drink it at all. I hope you like the Noble Pils. The first time, I didn’t really like it, but it has grown on me. If you like Pale Ales, you probably will enjoy the Pils. Cheers!

  11. Had your IPA and Red Brick in Boston last weekend. EXCELLENT!!! Would like to purchase 2 pint glasses of each. Love your brew. Two of the best. My son’s do some brewing in Jackson Hole and love to tout their NE beers. Need to put your pint glases in their collection.

  12. I love the whining about the sour Cranberry beer and cheers for the Nestles Quick Chocolate Beer. What a bunch of children. Grow up and embrace some flavors people!!!

  13. Ha! Good points. My main issue is that the beer was called “Cranberry Lambic”, but anyone who has ever has a real Lambic thinks this beer is pretty bad, and certainly not a Lambic. It wasn’t sour, it was just an unbalanced sweet beer that reminded me a bit of a weak jungle juice.

    As for the Chocolate Bock, it is a good beer, but then again, my favorite beer is Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, so I may be a bit biased.


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