Boulevard Tank 7

Boulevard Tank 7
Boulevard Tank 7

Boulevard Brewing‘s Tank 7 arrived in Iowa City recently, and I was excited to try the latest in the Smokestack Series.  Tank 7 replaces Boulevard’s Saison, which I had taken a liking to.

It was a nice, light farmhouse ale.  Initially, it smelled a bit fruity.  The taste was a light and crisp citrus flavor, with a hint of fruit.  It left my palate very crisp and clean, leaving just a bit of citrus.

Have you tried Tank 7?  What was your impression?

2 thoughts on “Boulevard Tank 7

  1. I really enjoyed this beer. After finishing it I opened a bottle of Goose Island’s Sophie. I think Sophie has a little more sweet/sour taste going for it. But, I really liked the Tank 7 cleaner finish. Unlike the Sophie the Tank 7 doesn’t appear like it is meant to be cellared as it did have a “best before” date on it. Goose Island claims the Sophie will improve for up to five years.

    I’ve got to search out more of the Smokestack series. Boulevard is a brewer I won’t overlook in the future.

    I’m going to have to do more comparisons over as I can’t yet decide which one I favor.

  2. Tank 7 is more of a farmhouse/saison ale, and usually these type of beers don’t do as well aging, unless there is quite a bit of Brettanomyces or wild yeasts in it (which I think Sofie has). That’s why Tank 7 would be better fresh, and Sofie is great for aging, because it will end up dryer and will have more of a Belgian “funk” in it. The funk is what makes it great!

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