Hop Growing Update

Tettenang Hop Vine
Tettenang Hop Vine
Cones on the Vine
Cones on the Vine

Since I last posted about growing hops, the Tettenang hops continued to flourish.  There were enough ripe cones that this past weekend, I brewed a German Fresh Hop Ale (Harvest Ale) using 2.5 oz of fresh Tettenang hops, picked off the vine Saturday morning.  It should be ready within the next couple of weeks, and I’m excited to try it!

Did you grow hops this year?  What was your result?

3 thoughts on “Hop Growing Update

  1. I grow 8 varieties at my house just north of Iowa City – Cascade, Fuggles, Hallertau, Centennial, Chinook, Magnum, Mt. Hood, and Zeus. I, too, am a homebrewer. I haven’t brewed in a couple of months. I need to brew!

  2. I forgot to mention what my harvest is so far this year. I have harvested around 4 lbs of hops this year so far, with about a lb more of Cascades yet to harvest. These are dried weights. Cascade and Zeus are the big producers so far, with 2 lbs. of Zeus and probably the same for Cascades. The first 3 I mentioned I’m my previous message are about 6 years old and the others are in their 2nd or third year, depending on the variety. Zeus is the most prolific and it appears it will stay that way!

  3. Wow! That’s pretty great. We should work out some trades next year, since it doesn’t look like we have much overlap. My harvest ended up being fairly small this year, but it was only year two for the Willamette, Goldings, and Tettenang, and year one for the Hallertau and Cascade.

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