Samuel Adams Longshot Lemon Pepper Saison

Samuel Adams Lemon Pepper Saison
Samuel Adams Lemon Pepper Saison

I’m on the East coast again.  This time I was able to pick up the Samuel Adams Longshot 6-pack.  Over the next few days, I’ll be reviewing the three different beers available in this pack.

If you don’t know what the Longshot pack is, every year Samuel Adams hosts a homebrew competition, and the top two homebrewed beers are featured as two of the three beers in the six-pack.  The other featured beer is homebrewed by a Samuel Adams employee.  All three beers are converted to commercial recipes and are distributed.

The first one I tried as part of this six-pack was made by Samuel Adams employee Jeremy White, the Lemon Pepper Saison.  It was a light saison that tasted light and citrusy.  It had a fairly clean finish that had a slight pepper aftertaste.

I’m glad Samuel Adams chose this beer because I enjoy saisons, and this is a good example.

Is the Longshot pack available in your area?  Have you tried the Lemon Pepper Saison?

2 thoughts on “Samuel Adams Longshot Lemon Pepper Saison

  1. I had the lemon pepper saison last night. It was great. Nice Belgian character and the lemon pepper did not over power.

    I hope this beer encourages other american brewers to offer saisons

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