Newton’s New “Madhouse Brewery” and Free Beer

About a month ago, a new Iowa brewery started in Newton: Madhouse Brewing.  The brewery is currently located in the old Maytag factory in Newton, where the Maytag company was housed for over 100 years until 2007.  The initial offerings are Madhouse American Wheat and Pastime American Pale Ale.  The brewery is having an open house this Saturday, April 17, from 12-6, and will be offering free tastings of the beer.  If you get a chance, head on over to Newton, and support the newest Iowa brewery!

2 thoughts on “Newton’s New “Madhouse Brewery” and Free Beer

  1. Has a very distict smell. Tastes like it smells. Hope this isn’t past shelf date. There is a familiarity in this aroma, but I can’t place it. It is definately not like any other wheat beer I have ever sampled.

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