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You Live Here

Today, for Earth Day, let’s talk about some of the breweries that are green and are using renewable energy.

One of the more well-known green powered breweries is New Belgium in Fort Collins Colorado, who has been wind-powering their brewery since 1998.  Since then, they have expanded their green profile by recycling bottles, and even allows a nearby company to use their waste water for creating fish food.  Quite the small footprint for the brewery known for loving bikes.

Sierra Nevada in Chico California uses fuel cells for its brewery power and heat.  They also recycle glass and aluminum, along with the majority of its carbon dioxide from fermentation.  Each year, they continue to become more green.

The Kona Brewing Company in Hawaii powers their brewery with solar panels.  They stated that by installing the panels, they reduced their carbon output by over 7,000 tons.

Going green isn’t just for the craft brewers.  Anheuser-Busch has even started going green by installing alternative energy sources over the past few years.  By installing the sources, they reduced their energy independence by 15%.

What are you doing to be green?

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