Beer of the Day: Kells Irish Lager

Kells Irish Lager

Rogue Brewery in Newport, Ore., describes Kells Irish Lager as an “Irish style lager with a smooth, mellow flavor and an apple crisp finish,” and that’s pretty “spot on”. It’s a bit of a departure from the norm for Rogue, which turns out unique, full-bodied ales with lots of hops and alcohol (think Dead Guy Ale or Brutal Bitter). Kells is an easy drinking session brew, is a close cousin to Harp and certainly worth a try. It’s also billed as a perfect accompaniment to a stout when making a “Half and Half”, which is half stout, half lager.  The other Irish favorite is the “Black and Tan”, which is half stout, half ale (usually Smithwick’s or Bass).

Have you tried Kells Irish Lager?

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